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About LRH Property Maintenance, Inc.

LRH PROPERTY MAINTENANCE, INC. lawn careLRH Property Maintenance was established in 1978. For nearly 40 years, we’ve proudly provided top-of-the-line lawn care, landscaping, and property maintenance services to our loyal neighbors and customers. LRH Property Maintenance was originally founded with the primary focus on snow removal and salting services for businesses and homeowners in parts of Cook County, Northern Will County, and Northwest Indiana. However, we quickly expanded to include year-round landscaping and lawn care services during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. We are proud of our continued efforts to make our Midwestern towns beautiful.

Unlike other landscaping companies in NWI and surrounding areas, our work force stays with us from season-to-season, year-in and year-out. We employ the same people throughout the year and refrain from hiring transient workers. The face you see mowing your lawn this week will be the same tomorrow and six months from now. You can trust the landscaping specialists at LRH Property Maintenance to respect your property.

Our landscaping services outperform other local lawn care services. We specialize in bush hogging (field plowing) services, planting, landscape design, snow removal, brick patios and more.

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Serving Will County, Cook County, and Northwest Indiana
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